How to like comments/help activating Sl8 wallet to your friends?

Yesterday @jlung, the CTO at Sl8, announced a very important feature – Money Transfer. It is now possible to transfer any of the Sl8 currencies (including bonus BSLX ones) between the accounts. The way of doing this is also extremely interesting – no extra buttons, input fields etc.The only thing you need to do is to write a comment under the author’s post:


[AMOUNT] is the amount you want to send to the post’s author,
[CURRENCY] is one of the Sl8 platform’s currencies (BSLX, SLX, SSL, XLM).

Examples of money transfer commands:

send*5*sslx – sends 5 SSLX to the author of the post;
SEND*1.5*BSLX – sends 1.5 BSLX to the post’s author (yes, fractional values are supported)

Note: stars are obligatory – they separate different parts of the command, however the case of the command itself is insensitive. In case the command is ill-formed and can’t be recognized – it will be ignored and will be displayed as a generic comment.

How to check that the cryptocurrency is indeed transferred?
A new Sl8 entity named TreasurerBot is introduced. This bot actually handles all the money transfers. The properly formed command is sent to the queue and then executed, the bot reports about completion of each phase by commenting your original Money Transfer command with “request queued” and “payment completed” messages. See image 1 as a sample.

How fast is the transfer?
It depends on the currency itself. BSLX are usually transferred instantly, transfer of other currencies takes up to an hour/

What happens if I send money to the Sl8 member who doesn’t have the activated wallet yet?
The money will be put on hold and will be deposited to the recipient’s wallet once it is activated.

Wait, does it mean I can transfer XLM to my friend who joined Sl8 but has no clue about cryptocurrencies to help him activating wallet??
YES! One of the goals of the network is crypto mass adoption. Help your friends to do the first (usually most complex) step by activating their wallets. The recipient should just tap the “Start Activation” button on his side.

What happens if I write a money transfer request as the response to someone’s comment?
The money will be transferred to the author of the comment you are responding to, not to the original post’s author.

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