What is a Sl8?

Sl8 platform review

Author @disop (Юрій Табачник)

Disclaimer: Right now I am neither developer nor moderator or administrator of the Sl8 social cryptonetwork platform. However I have been using this network since its very beginning, so I can treat myself as a Sl8 experienced user. Something like a month ago I started to prepare a set of reviews about the platform’s functionality. I live in Ukraine, so it is expected I wrote them in Ukrainian. But now I see English-speaking users are joining Sl8, so I decided to also write some reviews in English. They will be based on Ukrainian version, but also adapted to the international customers.

So, let’s begin.

What does Sl8 mean?

There was a whole paragraph of explanation in the Ukrainian version of this text, for English-speaking community it will be much shorter (smiley) Sl8 = “S-l-eight” = “Slate”. Yes, the acronym is pronounced as “Slate” and just means “a social network from the clean Slate”. This phrase also a motto of Sl8 BTW )

One of the most noticeable differences between existing social networks and Sl8 is the presence of Layers. Layer is a very convenient tool for the posts’ classification. In any other social network the user has one single news feed – like a huge bulletin board, which contains all the posts regardless of their topics. Family photos, cute cats and puppies, travels, news, worknotes – all mixed up. Yes, it is possible to use hashtags – it makes search a little bit easier, but doesn’t solve the main “one and only bulletin board” problem. All your subscribers see all your posts and vice versa.

So Layers in Sl8 is an approach which divides this single board to multiple “thematic” ones. All you need is just create different Layers for different post topics, and then just define the proper Layer when posting. For example, your interests are animals, travels and experimental physics. You will create three separate Layers according to these layers. When you want to post your puppy’s photo or photo of a raccoon you took in your backyard – do this in layer “Animals”. Just visited Ukraine and want to share beautiful photos of our country? Use the “Travels” layer. Your team created a material which is superconductive near 20 Celsius? Tell all of us about this in the “Physics” layer (and don’t forget to apply for the Nobel prize).
Your future subscribers will be able to subscribe either to your account as a whole or to your specific Layers. If somebody likes cats and travels but is indifferent to physics – he will subscribe to your “Animals” and “Travels” layers. Another one doesn’t like racoons (yes, this is hardly possible, but just imagine) but eagerly waiting for the results from your lab – he will subscribe to the “Physics” layer only. Sl8 users will see in their feed only the information they choose – no algorithmic feeds anymore.

This works in the opposite direction too. As a user, you can subscribe to the separate Layers of other users and thus build your own feed. Yes, build it yourself, taking into account your preferences only, to see only what is interesting for you, and not what some algorithms decide. BTW – I publish all these reviews in the separate Layer too, if you subscribe to it – will see the Sl8-related information only, without my other posts.

For making life easy your first Layer is created automatically. Its name, description and image can be edited, so the layer can be used for whatever reasons. As an experienced user, I would recommend creating several Layers according to your future posts from the very beginning. BTW, it is possible to apply age restriction both for the particular post or for the whole layer (in case you’ll want to post adult content).

How to create the layer? Tap on the portrait icon (rightmost one on the bottom toolbar) – you’ll see the screen with your profile. On the “Layers” pane tap on the free square/rectangle (free ones marked as gray with “+” sign in the middle) – this will open the Layer Editor. Please fill the information related to this Layer and tap “Save”. The new layer is created!

“Layers” pane is scrollable – try to drag it left or right. Right now there are seven possible slots for different Layers, the Sl8 developers promise for more…

Please don’t forget to choose the proper one while creating the new post! Right now there is no way to change Layer once the post is created (this functionality is to be added later on).

Sorry for my English – as I wrote, my native language is Ukrainian. Will continue posting more information about Sl8 in English and also will be glad to answer the questions )

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