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One of the first questions usually asked by the new Sl8 user — “how to like posts here”? “Likes” functionality in this network is really powerful, however it is also quite different from the most of the social networks currently existing. Here are the key differences:

  1. Like in Sl8 is more than just a click. Each and every like has value, so the likes are “consumables” – you can both earn or spend them, and an “out of likes” situation is also possible.
  2. Right now there are three different types of likes in Sl8, two of them are backed with real money.
  3. It is (finally!!!) possible to like the same post multiple times.

The whole idea of Sl8 likes can be easily understood if you’ll treat them as coins. You can earn them, spend them, exchange them for different currencies etc. The entity where the coins are stored in Sl8 is called “Wallet”, so the “Sl8 likes are coins” is not just a metaphor – it is rather the technical description of how it works.

Let’s go a little deeper. Sl8 is not just a social network, but a social CRYPTOplatrform. What does it mean? Yes, you guessed it right! Likes in Sl8 are not just “level”, “karma” or any other virtual entities. They are REAL cryptocurrencies (yes, plural – I mentioned above that there are three different types of likes exist here). Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for real money, so you can earn real money on your posts!

Back to the Sl8 user interface. There are three different round-shaped icons under each post (at the bottom-left) – these icons mean likes with different cryptocurrencies. Right-to-left:

  • An icon which looks “encircled B”. This is a bonus Sl8 cryptocurrency, its “official” name is BSLX, usually pronounced as “bee-slax”. Each new Sl8 user gets a welcome bonus with some amount of BSLX coins, which then can be spent for liking other posts or earned for getting likes under your own posts. There is another way to earn bee-slaxes – you’ll be rewarded for each friend you’ll invite to this network. The invites system in Sl8 is so interesting I’ll create (actually translate) another post about it.
    Why this currency is bonus? Because it can’t be converted to other cryptocurrencies and to real money. BSLX coins are like Monopoly money – you can use them inside the game but nowhere else. However it is quite hard to play Monopoly without its money, right? )
  • Next icon, similar to “encircled $ or ₴” (BTW, ₴ is a symbol of Ukrainian Hryvnia currency). This is the real cryptocurrency, backed with real money. Its system name is SLX (pronounced as “slax”). The exchange ratio for this currency is fixed and will never be changed. 1 SLX = $0.01 (one cent) now and forever. This cryptocurrency is implemented on Stellar platform, so it can be freely converted to any other cryptocurrencies there.
  • The last one, similar to “encircled %”. This currency has SSLX system name (pronounced as “s-slax”). Its behavior is extremely interesting again, and it requires a separate post to be described. Right now I won’t be able to just translate the post about the SSLX I wrote in the past, because it was created using analogies from Ukrainian reality. I’ll need to rework it completely to make it easily understandable for international users – will do it soon, please be patient )

As I mentioned before, there is a Wallet in Sl8, which is used to store all types of currencies. To access it, click on the “hamburger” icon on the top left corner of the Sl8 screen and then tap “Wallet” menu item. To use the real (SLX and SSLX) cryptocurrencies you’ll need to activate your Wallet. This operation require some real money (something like $1) as a bots and spam protection required by the Stellar platform. I’ll prepare another post about wallet activation.

However, BSLX coins are initially available in your wallet and do not require any activation. You can use “encircled B” button for likes immediately after you registered in Sl8.
Last but not least – how to like multiple times? Really easy – just tap multiple types on the appropriate cryptocurrency button. Each subsequent tap will add one coin under the post (actually Sl8 will take 10% fee, so one your like equal to the 0.9 coin to be transferred to the post’s author). You can also like posts in multiple series of taps – it will be slightly reflected on post’s statistics, but not on the overall coins amount. Just don’t worry about that at the beginning.

To be continued… Which topic do you want me to review in the next post?

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