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Author @disop (Yuri Tabachnik)

For some time now I have been playing the role of a doorman in Sl8 – meeting new users, helping them navigate the principles of the network, creating articles about how and what works here. But in the last few days, a huge amount of incorrect and even frankly fake information about the new social network has been spread in the Ukrainian-language segment of the Internet. In order to rake the fecal lakes and slums around Sl8 a bit, in this post I will retrain from a porter to a septic tank cleaner. So, take off your tie, snow-white shirt and lacquered bags, put on chemical protection, take a thick pipe from the pump — and dive:

Internet: Sl8 is a KGB / FSB / Mossad project!
Truth: Sl8 is an international social network developed by an Ukrainian startup in Kyiv. There are three founders of the startup, all of them are Ukrainians. To work around the globe, they registered Cassator Corp in Delaware, USA (this is what almost all IT startups focused on the international market do). The company ID in the relevant register of corporations is 7742543, you can go here —, enter the number in the File Number field and see information about the company in the public domain.

Internet: Sl8 collects personal data of its users!
True: for login in Sl8 you need to provide your e-mail, password and date of birth (date of birth is needed only to correctly mark for you posts with an age restriction, simply put – 18+). That’s all. Try to register in any other social network with this data only (without providing your phone number, country of residence, etc.) — you will be disappointed with the result. By the way, there is a “read-only” mode, where you do not need to enter anything at all, except the date of birth (and even then no one will check, to be honest).
Therefore, Sl8 developers do not need your real name, photos, phone numbers, passport data, residence permit and even the results of the latest PCR test. Email, password and date of birth only.

Internet: Sl8 is a financial pyramid!
True: This social network has invites, which are implemented as a referral system. But the “referral system” is something which is not enough for the financial pyramid. Invitations in general are very common on the Internet — from Gmail at the beginning of its existence to the new-fangled Clubhouse. To turn the referral system into a financial pyramid, it is necessary to force all referral levels to buy something, pay for something etc. But that’s exactly what Sl8 doesn’t have! You do not need to distribute anything, “pair”, buy something yourself or in any way influence the ones you’ve invited. An ambassador with tens of thousands of guests has exactly the same opportunities as a person without referrals at all. You can not invite anyone at all. By the way, at the moment I have as many as four referrals – I have no clue where they came from.

Internet: Sl8 requires a monthly usage fee!
True: today (July 19, 2021) there are no in-app purchases in Sl8. There are thousands of users, but there is no opportunity to buy something. Read the posts written by other people, write your own ones, post pictures, subscribe to other people’s layers — all of this is completely free. Yes, you need BSLX bonus coins for likes, but you’ll have some from the very beginning (as a welcome bonus), and you can earn them yourself! Just write an interesting post – and likes from other users will turn into coins in your wallet! Another way of earning BSLX coins is to invite your friends into SL8 using your personal invitation code. That’s why the referral system is here BTW – for each invitation made by you a certain amount of BSLX will be deposited into your wallet. If your wallet is empty — it won’t affect your experience with Sl8. You can continue reading, writing, commenting etc. Coins are currently needed for likes only.
Of course, if you want to like the post in SSLX or SLX cryptocurrency — some money is needed. These cryptocurrencies are backed with real money, so you’ll have to buy them. But again – you can not only spend the “real” cryptocurrencies, but also earn them with your own posts!
As a conclusion, most functions of the social network Sl8 do not require any payment – neither one-time nor monthly. This is the so-called Freemium model, you can read more at least in the Wiki:

Internet: Sl8 is addictive!
True: this is true indeed)

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